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(world premiere)

By Nicole Moeller

Directed by Brenley Charkow

Sterling Nomination- Outstanding New Play (2020)


Sterling Nomination- Outstanding Performance, drama (Alex Dawkins)

Max works for one of Canada's most notorious criminal organizations; Peach is a street kid trying to make a buck. A chance encounter entangles their lives indefinitely.  From one of Canada’s best-emerging writers comes a thriller that forces audiences to ask: “What is Justice?”



Production Design by Daniela Masellis

Sound Design by Sauvé MacBean

Featuring: Shannon Blanchet, Alexandra Dawkins, Bobbi Goddard, Laura Raboud

Stage managed by Nyssa Bearisto

Assistant Stage Manager: Millie Winzinowich

Fight Director: Laryssa Yanchak


Photos by Marc Chalifoux


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