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Mo and Jess Kill Susie

by Gary Henderson
Directed by Brenley Charkow

In the backroom of a deserted building, three women wait. Two are armed and the third is their bound and gagged captive who lies unconscious on the floor. The hostage, a policewoman, is the trump card in the tense face-off between protestors and armed police. The armed women- one calm and resolute, the other restless and volatile, wait for the phone call that will either save or end their victim’s life. As they wait, night and claustrophobia close in around them and time starts to run out. Mo and Jess start a downward spiral of paranoid decisions about what to do with the hostage. The call does not come.



FEATURING: Siobhan Richardson, Jacklyn Francis, Katie Messina



STAGE MANAGER: Andrea Schurmann



"This is a heavy, challenging work, but worth seeing if you’re willing to invest the emotional energy."- Charlebois Post

"...director Brenley Charkow and her three actors create tension from the start and escalate it nicely over the course of the show."- NOW Magazine

"It might also be the best play I’ve ever seen at Fringe. It’s a site-specific play with performances happening at the lower level of Trinity-St. Paul’s. When the play finished, I dried my eyes then contacted my editors. My message was simple: I love this play!" -Mooney on Theatre

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