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2023 Dora Nomination- Outstanding New Play
2023 Dora nomination- Outstanding Scenic Design

"...a sharp-edged view of the struggle for women's rights in Iran."- Toronto Star

" Biting and brave new play."- Intermission Magazine

Inside “Anahita’s Republic”: Actor Sama Mousavi in conversation with SesayArts. HERE

photos by Taylor Long Photography

by Hengameh E Rice*

Directed by Brenley Charkow

Anahita’s Republic is a provocative and timely new thriller set in Tehran, where strong, educated, and committed women work under the constant threat of harassment and imprisonment in order to advance their rights and the well-being of their countries.
FEATURING: Sama Mousavi, Mahsa Ershadifar, Fuad Ahmed, and Omar Alex Khan
Set: Sim Suzer
Costumes:  Niloufar Ziaee

Lighting:  Siobhan Sleath
Sound Design: Heidi Chan
Stage Manager: Anna Kaltenbach
Fight Direction: Louisa Zhu
Dialogue Coach: Kirsten Hawson
Production Manager: Laura Philipps
Assistant Director: Aylin Oyan Salashoor
Assistant Producer: Carmen Osahor
Cultural Consultants: Anonymous*
Photos by Taylor Long

*due to the current situation in Iran, a few members of the team have chosen to work under pseudonyms. 


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